Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Perfect Red Lip

Hey gals this is just a tutorial on how to pull of these awesome red lips!

- favorite concealer
- white eyeliner
Step 1: Line your lips with the lip liner and slowly and evenly feather it to the center.
Step 2: Go over your lips with your red lipstick you can use a lip brush but i find that it works the same.
Step 3: Take your concealer and a small flat brush and outline your lips with it. This will give you a clean look and make it look perfect!
Step 4: Take your white eyeliner and line the cupids bow, the outside corners and the bottom lip area. This will make you lips look fuller. If your skin is darker take a super light pink and line super close to you lips.
Step 5: Eat cupcake. Kidding. That would ruin the red lip you just created.
 Lining your top lashes with a red eyeliner and then putting just a little bit of white eyeshadow then applying a thick coat of black mascara will make you stand out majorly.
If you are going for a sublte look ( well, as sublte as a red lip can go) i sugges to do a natural eye makeup with a rosy pink blush to make you look happy and healthy.
Thanks for reading.

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