Sunday, October 23, 2011

Whats In My Pencil Case?

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to so this tag for you guys. I probably should of done this earlier, sorry!Then I have my pencil case. I found it in Paris, France. It is a Caroline Lisfranc trousse(penicil case). It says Trousse de MA vie across the front. I couldn't find a picture of it and I dont have a camera.
Inside I have a mini stapler thats purple. It is great whenever there is a line for the stapler in class I can just pull this baby out and staple!
I love this thing! I have a mini  BIC Wite Out Mini Shake n' Squeeze Correction Pen. I find my self doodling with it more than using it! But it is perfect for mistakes.
I love highlighting things. I don't know why I just do. My favorite(of the moment it changes all the time) is BIC Bright Liner Fluorescent Highlighters! There awesome! Don't highlight gel pens or pencils though because it smudges them really bad.
I really like how these BIC Mechanical Pencils write. There #2 so there perfect for tests. Plus they come in multiple colors!
I love these pens! Papermate Eagle in Medium are the best! They write awesome! And they don't smudge with highlighters!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Manicure #2

*These are not my nails*
Hey Gals! I recently painted my nails "Celeb City" by Sally Hansen. I personally only needed 1 coat. 1. Because it is SUPER pigmented and didn't need a 2nd coat. 2. Because im lazy lol!
But I really love the coverage and the consistency of the polish! Plus it was super cheap only $2.49 at target! Thanks for 10 followers!
<3 Jessaleigh!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Mini Haul

Saturday I went to Icing and i picked up some stuff.
I got silver, brown, and black headbands! These colors are great because they can go with anything! They were buy one get one 1/2 off so I got a great deal on them!
I also got  a purple feather air extension. Its clip in so it is really versitile. I <3 it!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Tag #1

1.) Mood: Happy.. No school tomorrow!
2.) Can you parallel park? Can't drive..... but i can parallel park a golf cart... sorta...!
3.) What is your favorite treat during the fall/winter/holiday season? pumpkin caramel lattes!!! YUUUUM!
4.) Current nail polish: Glow in the Dark stuff don't know the name

5.) What is your all time favorite TV show? ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
6.) Current outfit: Mississippi Sate University Shirt.. Shorts from Kohls

7.) Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? yes goth tinkerbell
8.) What is your natural hair texture/style? straight thick soft

9.) Where would your dream honeymoon be? (or if you've had it, where was it?) paris!

10.) Weekly goals: Trying to stop drawing all over myself... its just too addicting!!lol

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Fashion Trends

Happy Fall girls!!!:) I am so excited about this season's new trends some are pretty weird but fashion is fashion... Here's a look at some cool ideas for you to try this time of year!

Mustard is not just for your hot dogs! This color was seen in this year's fashion week and it's a new color to FALL in love with. lol

2. POLKA DOTS!!!!:
I will definetly be rocking this trend when I get the chance! Polka dots can be added to any outfit like in a shirt, pants, dress, head bands, and MORE! It's probably the most wearable thing coming from fashion week. This trend was seen in Marc Jacobs's and Diane von frustenburg's fall lines.

Oh yes they did they made something that happens to metal if exposed to oxygen a TREND! I actually love the color and think it looks good on everyone Rust is actually more brownish but whatever.

Top 5 Songs Playlist #1

These are my top 5 songs of right now. Comment below if you want more playlists.
1. Super Bass- Nicki Minaj
2. Tonight,Tonight- Hot Chelle Rae
3. Good Life- One Republic
4. Cheers(Drink To That)- Rihannna
5.Make Me Feel-Cobra Starship

Liquid Foundation vs. Mineral Foundation

Have you struggled with choosing the best type of foundation for your skin? Well here are some facts to help you figure out what you want. My skin is very sensitive so I can't wear mineral foundation or heavy foundation or else my face breaks out in zits, pimples, and hives(allergy bumps). So I am trying to see if tinted moisturizer works right now but I'm still not sure.

Liquid Foundation:
  • Good coverage
  • Variety of colors
  • Good range of types of skin (for oily, dry, combination skin)
  • Sometimes cheaper than mineral
Mineral foundation:
  • Light coverage
  • Easy to apply
  • Lightweight, easy to blend and layer to suit skin tone
  • Covers redness well
  • Better for your skin because of the absence of chemicals found in liquid foundation
I hoped this helped you with your descision. :)

OPI White Shatter vs. Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Vintage Violet


This is a comparison over OPI White Shatter and Sally Hansen Vintage Violet Crackle Overcoat.
OPI: The OPI White Shatter is CRAP! It looks like a nail polish gone wrong. It is not a very good color and its not a very good shatter. The crackle part is just the nail polish seperating on your nail. Plus it is $10 wasted!  I would NEVER buy this product again!
Sally Hansen: I really like this product. The crackles look just like the bottle. The trick is to put on a thin layer. It looks like a miny earthquake on your nails. Plus it is only like $5.  I would definetly buy this again.
I have Sally Hansen's Crackle on my nails right now and i think it looks great.  Clearly I think that Sally Hansen is much better.
PS. Its raining! (im ina drought right now so this is GOOD!)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Nail Art

Here is the requested nail art post. These are not my fingers. I found this on google.
I would like a camera for christmas.. Hint hint wink wink
3 Nail Polish Colors
1 toothpick
1 topcoat
1. Paint nail one color.
2.Dip toothpick into a color and make 5 dots in a circle.
3. Using other side dip into 3rd color and place it in the middle.
4. Add topcoat.
5. Enjoy!

Remington Damage Protection Hair D-3090 Review

Hey Gals, I just wanted to do a review on the new hair dryer I got. My other one wouldnt turn off... it was stuck on the low setting and I had had it for 3 years so it was time for a new one.
So here is what it says: Micro- conditioners Get smoother, healthier hair. Say goodbye to heat damage and say hello to an enhanced healthy shine! This speciall deigned dryer features a grill that is infused with microscopic conditioners. These micro-conditioners realease into the dryer air flow, and are transferred to yout hair, helping prevent damage and increase shine and hair health. Ionic technology Negative ions are activated by the heat of the dryer to heal heat damage as you style. The ions reduce drying time and infuse vital moisture into the hair, resulting in reduced frizz and static. Ceramic technology Infrared hear is produced by the ceramic coated grill to help prevent damage to the hair and allowa for faster drying time. 
This is all from the box it came from.
What I think: This product certaintly dryed my hair much faster than my old one. This one has 3 heat settings, 2 speeds and a cool shot. I am still playing around with it. It includes a diffuser and a concetrator. The diffuser is for curly hair. The concetrator  controls air direction for more precise styling.  It is a wonderful product and give it a 4 out of 5 stars only because it was a little pricey and it got really hot after only 5 minutes of drying time. Like I said I am still playing with it. Did you read that last part? 5 minutes of drying time? OH YEAH BABY! A TOTAL time saver!!!
I hope this helped you if you were thinking of buying this product, or if this motivated you to buy it.
( all of the info was from the box or my own opinion)