Monday, November 21, 2011

Manicure # 4- Nail Art for Short Nails

Hey everyone i just wanted to show you guys my nails for this week. Its is a super easy nail art and i just chopped off my nails so its perfect for short nails :) Let's Begin.
1. Purple Polish- Posh Plum
2. Claire's Nail Art Pen and Brush in White
3. Top Coat
4. Base Coat
5. Cupcake
1. Paint nails with base coat. Then after about 1 minute paint on Posh Plum. Let dry for 5 minutes.
2. Taking the brush side of the Nail Art Pen and Brush paint a diagonal line across your nail.
3. Then taking the pen side put dots on one side of the diagonal line. I alternated as i went across my hand.
4. Let dry for about 10 minutes then apply top coat.
5. Eat Cupcake.

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