Sunday, December 25, 2011

Pin Curls! Heatless Curls- Version 2

Hey Gals.. I decided that i wanted to have curls for our christmas family dinner. But my friend still has my curling iron so I thought I could just do a different version just for YOU!
And this is a real picture of the back of my head! LOL NO WAY!
Water Sprayer
Hair Tye
Lightweight Hairspray
1. Comb through hair to make sure it is tangle free.
2. Lightly spray hair with water sprayer.
3. Section your hair into 2 sections along your part.
4. Grab about a 1-3 inch section ( the bigger the section the bigger the curl: the smaller the section the smaller the curl... come on guys its not rocket science) and douse it in water get it really soaked then make a loop ( again big= big: small=small).
5. Slowly roll that loop toward the top of your head.
6. Next take a bobbypin and secure it at the top of your head. ( hence the name PIN curls).
7. You may need to grab a couple more bobbypins... it depends on your hairtype.
8. Continue around your head and when you reach the last couple pieces that are closest to your face stop.
9. TWIST your hair THEN do the roll. This keeps your hair out of your eyes.
10. Then you can wrap your hair up or whatever you want.
11. Wait until it is COMPLETELY dry until you take it out... I waited 3 hours because my cousins were also doing this so we had a fun time talking and hanging out and everything.
12. Lightly spray with your lightweight hair spray. This helps the curls stay longer!
whoa... sugar rush

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