Saturday, December 24, 2011

Manicure #8- Candy Canes

Hey Gals here is a quick tutorial on how to make you nails into a holiday treat.
Base Coat
ChinaGlaze- Go Crazy Red
Two in One Nail Art Pen and Brush- White
Top Coat
1. Give self a basic manicure and apply base coat.
2.Paint nails red.
3. Here is the tricky part.  Take the brush side and start at the corner of your nail make a stripe up towards the side of your nail.
4. Make another stripe just like it.
5. Then skip a little section then load up your brush with a lot of polish.  Make a thick line. Make two and merge them together if you have to.
6. Then make a smaller line a little bit farther away.
7.Change it up a little bit. Its boring when they are all the same.
8. Wait a good 20 minutes before applying topcoat.
9. Eat Cupcake!

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