Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Heatless Curls

Hey Gals! Here is a tutorial on heatleass curls. I left my curling iron at a friends so i decided that this was a good oppurtunity to try it out. 

Dove Extra Hold Hairspray-with natural movement.
Two Hair Tyes
Water Sprayer Bottle
1. Either take a shower and let your hair partially dry or wet your hair with a water sprayer bottle. You want it to be damp not wet or dry.
2.Seperate your hair into two sections.
3. Take one side and twist it into one big spiral.
4. Spin it onto a bun and use the hair tye to pin it in place. Use the bobbyoins if needed.
5. Do the same for the other side.
6. Take a  lightweight hairspray and even though the bottle says 8-10 inches away go ahead and do it 1-2 inches away. Soak your hair. Litterally.
7. Either wait 2 hrs or sleep in it. The longer you have it in the more defined the curls will be. If you do not wait long enough you will have one big mess of wet tangles.
8. Eat a cupcake while you are waiting.
9.After you take it out run your fingers through it to get any unwanted tangles out of it.

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