Saturday, December 17, 2011

Manicure #6- Gift

Hey Gals! Here are my nails that i painted to look like presents! If you want to know how keep reading!
Sally Hansen- Red Carpet
Claire's White Pen and Brush
Base Coat
Top Coat
1. Give yourself a manicure then apply your favorite basecoat.
2. Paint nails with Red Carpet. I only needed one coat.
3.Then after drying for about 10 minutes, using the brush side make a + on your nail.
4. Then make a oval on either side of the top half of the plus sign.
5. Flick out the little tails with one quick fluid motion after finishing the oval. ( so the motion that makes your oval will be the same motion that makes the tail on the opposed side)
6. After drying for another 10 minutes, take a q-tip and wet it. Then get your jewel and press the q-tip ontop of it. It should stick right to it. The place the jewel in the middle of the bow.
7. Wait another 10 minutes and then apply your favorite topcoat.
8 Eat Cupcake!


  1. Love this pretty design, fab love the varnish colour too ☺

  2. Thank you! And thanks for following!