Sunday, October 23, 2011

Whats In My Pencil Case?

Hey Everyone! I just wanted to so this tag for you guys. I probably should of done this earlier, sorry!Then I have my pencil case. I found it in Paris, France. It is a Caroline Lisfranc trousse(penicil case). It says Trousse de MA vie across the front. I couldn't find a picture of it and I dont have a camera.
Inside I have a mini stapler thats purple. It is great whenever there is a line for the stapler in class I can just pull this baby out and staple!
I love this thing! I have a mini  BIC Wite Out Mini Shake n' Squeeze Correction Pen. I find my self doodling with it more than using it! But it is perfect for mistakes.
I love highlighting things. I don't know why I just do. My favorite(of the moment it changes all the time) is BIC Bright Liner Fluorescent Highlighters! There awesome! Don't highlight gel pens or pencils though because it smudges them really bad.
I really like how these BIC Mechanical Pencils write. There #2 so there perfect for tests. Plus they come in multiple colors!
I love these pens! Papermate Eagle in Medium are the best! They write awesome! And they don't smudge with highlighters!

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