Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall Fashion Trends

Happy Fall girls!!!:) I am so excited about this season's new trends some are pretty weird but fashion is fashion... Here's a look at some cool ideas for you to try this time of year!

Mustard is not just for your hot dogs! This color was seen in this year's fashion week and it's a new color to FALL in love with. lol

2. POLKA DOTS!!!!:
I will definetly be rocking this trend when I get the chance! Polka dots can be added to any outfit like in a shirt, pants, dress, head bands, and MORE! It's probably the most wearable thing coming from fashion week. This trend was seen in Marc Jacobs's and Diane von frustenburg's fall lines.

Oh yes they did they made something that happens to metal if exposed to oxygen a TREND! I actually love the color and think it looks good on everyone Rust is actually more brownish but whatever.

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