Sunday, October 2, 2011

Remington Damage Protection Hair D-3090 Review

Hey Gals, I just wanted to do a review on the new hair dryer I got. My other one wouldnt turn off... it was stuck on the low setting and I had had it for 3 years so it was time for a new one.
So here is what it says: Micro- conditioners Get smoother, healthier hair. Say goodbye to heat damage and say hello to an enhanced healthy shine! This speciall deigned dryer features a grill that is infused with microscopic conditioners. These micro-conditioners realease into the dryer air flow, and are transferred to yout hair, helping prevent damage and increase shine and hair health. Ionic technology Negative ions are activated by the heat of the dryer to heal heat damage as you style. The ions reduce drying time and infuse vital moisture into the hair, resulting in reduced frizz and static. Ceramic technology Infrared hear is produced by the ceramic coated grill to help prevent damage to the hair and allowa for faster drying time. 
This is all from the box it came from.
What I think: This product certaintly dryed my hair much faster than my old one. This one has 3 heat settings, 2 speeds and a cool shot. I am still playing around with it. It includes a diffuser and a concetrator. The diffuser is for curly hair. The concetrator  controls air direction for more precise styling.  It is a wonderful product and give it a 4 out of 5 stars only because it was a little pricey and it got really hot after only 5 minutes of drying time. Like I said I am still playing with it. Did you read that last part? 5 minutes of drying time? OH YEAH BABY! A TOTAL time saver!!!
I hope this helped you if you were thinking of buying this product, or if this motivated you to buy it.
( all of the info was from the box or my own opinion)

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