Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to Grow Your Nails Long and Healthy!

Long time no see! Here is a blog on how to grow your nails out. Sorry this is kinda long.
Nail Polish Remover- So basically you want to look for non-acetone polish remover. And if you can try to see if you can find one with proteins or better yet keratin. Your nails are made of keratin so a nail polish remover that includes keratin is just a win win situation. The nail polish remover that I use is just the target brand of non- acetone nail polish remover. I got the pink one that includes proteins. Some nail polish removers contain bitrex which is the most bitter thing known to man. So be careful not to let your pet be near this just in case.(plus the alcohol) Be sure to have a fan running or the window open when ever you use nail polish remover because the fumes can be nauseous. Wow thats a lot on nail polish remover.
Cuticle Oil-  You want to get a good cuticle oil or lotion because this is what hydrates your nail beds... Hydrated nail beds= Healthy nail beds.. healthy nail beds= long nails! Which is the ultimate goal. You should never clip your cuticles because your cuticles protect your skin from harmful bacteria.  Instead get a cuticle pusher and well push your cuticles back. Make sure that your cuticle oil is toluene free. The cuticle oil that i use is the one from Beauty Secrets it is toluene and formaldehyde free.   Also get a good lotion that is made for hands AND cuticles. This will keep them SUPER moistuized.
Filing- Just make sure that you file from the outside in... not back and forth. This is just going to prevent your nails from breaking easily. I know that you are thinking "Why do i need to file my nails? I'm trying to grow them not make them shorter!" You still need to keep your nails in tip top shape( shape lol) to make them grow straight and pretty. You don't want grow your nails out then have to cut them down and shape them to make them look prettier.
Extras- Be sure to eat a balanced diet with keratin foods or maybe a vitamin. Apply a strengthening polish if needed. You may need to buff your nails if they are peeling. Try not to soak your nails in water for too long.


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