Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hair Tutorial: Hippie Braid

Hey gals,  sorry ive been MIA. I've been busy. But here is a tutorial on this cute braid.
Hair long enough to stretch across your head.
Bobby pins
Hair clips
1. Make sure your hair is tangle free and smooth. Also make sure your part is in the correct place.
2. Gather a small piece of hair about 2 cm wide.
3. Section your hair into 3 pieces and begin the braid.
4. Braid once then pull the piece of hair across your forehead.
5. Continue to braid across your head in this angle
* Be sure to angle the braid or else you will get a bumpy lump on the side of your head and that is not attractive*
6. When the braid is of the desired length pick up a small piece of hair about 4 cm wide and flip it over to the other side of your head.
7. Get 2 bobby pins and in a downwards motion pin the braid in place. If you put the bobby pins in an upward motion then your hair will stick up ( atleast mine did).
8. Add any hair clip of your choice (or none at all).
9. Eat Cupcake.


  1. haha "eat the cupcake" :)

  2. looks amazingg<3
    thank youu.

  3. I was wondering "Why the cupcake" until I read the end and laughed out loud! Will try this out! Thank you! :D